The labour market is difficult, and it is hard to get a job. It may feel impossible and leave you feeling sad, low and lonely.  You may be in a situation just now where you feel worried and helpless. However, there is hope,  we can help you gain the skills, confidence and self-belief you need to gain employment. We have been successful in helping people get back into to work through our programmes, you can read about them here.

So don’t worry, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you are struggling to get back into work or just beginning your journey to work please don’t hesitate and contact us today!

Breaking Down Barriers Together

Skills Exchange Scio’s work would not be possible without the partnership of employers within the local community. Work placements allow our participants to grow in confidence, build their self-esteem and help them realise the skills they have and what they are good at. Many of our participants are disadvantaged and don’t have the relevant skills to enter the workforce. A work placement is vital to help them on their journey to success and supplement the training we provide in the centres.

It is not all about the benefits of our participants, it works both ways. Employers who take on one of our students gain an extra pair of hands. One employer even commented that having a student was a great opportunity to allow senior staff to take more of a leadership role which in turn helped their personal development. As an employer, you get to feel good about yourself as well as bringing value to our community and who knows you may even find your future employee!

We can not stress enough how much we value the partnerships we have with employers. If you want to be a community hero and offer placements to our participants, please get in touch. Don’t forget to read what other employers have had to say about working with Skills Exchange SCIO and our participants here.

Case Studies

“The continuous growth of our company called for the employment of a trainee to be trained to the standards of a roofing specialist.

This was the third time we had used Skills Exchange for our apprentices, and we have received the same high standard throughout. Each stage of the process is clearly identified, and progression is followed meticulously. Having a trainee onsite is always a great help. It is also the best way to ascertain if the trainee is cut out for a future in the industry.

I would highly recommend Skills Exchange to other employers, they provide great service and we have now employed three individuals through the company.”

Shaun Browning – Glasgow Slaters Ltd. – June 2018

“Our placement student, Philip, has shown that he is hardworking and reliable. His dedication is obvious – this is confirmed by his getting three buses to our facility for 8 am. He has been using skills learned on the job and showing initiative. He has been a valued member of the team and he has contributed to achieving our sales targets.

Working with Skills Exchange has been very good and we will definitely be requesting more placements with a view to offering full-time employment to the students.

I would recommend Skills Exchange because their students can add value to our business. As there is no guarantee of employment, we as a business can select the type of individual that suits our needs and fits into the team.”

Stewart Neilson – Walker Precision – April 2018

“Having exhausted other avenues and struggling to find an individual with the right dynamic and, more importantly, the right attitude, we contacted Skills Exchange SCIO having heard great things from other companies.

Our placement Nicola had worked with the team at SES before being placed with us. I strongly believe that this training set Nicole up properly and gave her an understanding of what employers expect.

It was a great experience for us, SES kept in touch throughout the placement, offering support where required. Nothing was ever a problem or too much trouble. Lovely team!

I would thoroughly recommend SES to any company who are looking to source potential new staff. The calibre of the placement for us, compared to sourcing ourselves, was on another level. Their level of support and commitment was second to none.”

Vincent Barsotti – 1302 Hair Design – July 2017

“We were approached by Graham at SES and thought it was an excellent idea to give young people an opportunity to try a job before they committed themselves fully. I wished someone had given me such an opportunity when I was younger.

Our placement Ashley showed that young people can benefit from the Skills Exchange service, we have now employed Ashley and she is an asset to our company. We may not have offered Ashley an interview as she had no experience, but the placement gave her the chance to prove herself.

We would definitely recommend Skills Exchange as we have benefited from their service, we have now taken on a second placement at no cost to us. As a small company this has been hugely important to us.”

Janice Thomson – Auld Raes Scottish Bistro – October 2016

“Having met the Skills Exchange team at a careers event it was excellent to see how it works and hear from some of the young school leavers. It was then felt that our site would be ideal for some of these young people to develop whilst helping us at site as well.

Skills Exchange were very helpful, and our work placements have been a resounding success as a result. With help from our staff as well, they have gained confidence and experience to help with their progression and general life sills.

Engaging with SES has been very positive. It has been great to see the positive attitude of all involved. The service received was excellent and support was always available. We would recommend Skills Exchange as our experience has been beneficial to both the company and the young people on placement who are now moving on to the apprenticeship programme. It is inspiring to see such potential being utilised in the day-to-day working environment.

Skills Exchange have been great to work with and we hope to do so again going forward as the benefits for all concerned are excellent. We look forward to seeing the progress of the school leavers as they embark on their apprenticeship programme having completed successful placements.”

Paula Middleton – Premier Inn – October 2016

“We offered a work placement to one of Skills Exchange students following a successful interview.

It was a great experience; the student was able to continue training by completing his Certificate of Work Readiness while on placement with us.

I would certainly recommend Skills Exchange to other employers. They offer a great opportunity to work with a young person. If a company has a position available, then they get a chance to see if the young person will be suitable and while the student is on placement you get support from SES staff if there are any issues.

We were impressed with both the quality of the student and the support received by the employer and the student from SES during the placement. We were delighted to be able to offer William employment at the end of his placement.”

Trevor Berney – Farmer Autocare Ltd. – October 2016

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