Our Aims

The charitable purposes of Skills Exchange SCIO are :

1. To advance education by assisting individuals who through their social, personal or economic circumstances are in need of and unable to gain employment; by providing them with worthwhile and realistic advice, support, training and work experience to develop their skills and ability to find and sustain work and earn a living; to develop their life and social skills with a view to becoming responsible citizens; to help them achieve their full potential.

2. To provide relief to those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages by the provision of support, advice, training and skills development, especially such skills as will assist with obtaining paid employment.

David Livingstone Birthplace Community Day July 2023

Our Aims are :

  • To expand horizons
  • To realise potential
  • To develop self-worth
  • To support people in a nurturing and caring environment
  • To encourage and empower young people
  • To provide individualised support and needs-led provision
Skills Exchange Scio Encouraging Success
Developing Skills at Skills Exchange Scio
Raising Aspirations Skills Exchange Scio

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