Can we Help You?

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you are unsure about our programmes, funding or anything else, you can find the answers here.

Where is Skills Exchange SCIO based ? 

We have a training centre in East Kilbride and currently deliver courses in community venues in Lanark.

Do you only work with people who live in South Lanarkshire ? 

As we’re based in South Lanarkshire most of our participants come from there and sometimes the funding for programmes is only for local people. However, we have some programmes that can take people from other areas so it’s always best to contact us and check 

Does Skills Exchange only work with school leavers ? 

No, we also work with young people who are still at school or adults who are looking for work. 

Do I get an allowance if I come to one of your programmes ? 

It depends on the programme. Usually we can cover travel costs, often lunch expenses too and sometimes we can pay a daily training allowance. If someone is on benefit they usually continue on that and we help out with travel costs. If you come for an interview we always go over what you can expect to get. 

How long are the programmes ? 

It depends on which programme. We run some courses a couple of days a week but some might be up to five days a week. Always check first. 

Will my parents still be able to claim child benefit ? 

This is automatic for some programme e.g Employability Fund but we can always provide a letter stating that you are on a training programme if you need proof. Just ask us. 

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