Challenge Poverty Week 7-13 October

Challenge Poverty Week is an initiative to raise awareness in regards to Scotland’s poverty issues and how we can resolve these issues.

“Too many people in Scotland are trapped in the grip of poverty” – ChallengePoverty


Skills Exchange was built around two objectives – the relief of poverty and the advancement of education.

By advancing education we are helping to break down barriers. We understand that due to poverty some people are disadvantaged and are unable to gain sustainable employment. These disadvantages can be due to personal, economic or social circumstances.

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Our goal through the programmes we offer is to give our participants, the confidence, support and skills needed to gain and sustain employment.

Barriers such as financial hardship, long-term illness or disability may impact a persons ability to work and earn a wage.

We try to resolve this by providing bespoke programmes tailored to a person’s individual needs. To provide them with the help and support needed for personal development and/or employability.

Current South Lanarkshire Figures

Nomisweb states the following figures for South Lanarkshire :

  • 17,400 work-less households in South Lanarkshire accounting for 15.8% of South Lanarkshire’s population
  • 6,600 of South Lanarkshire’s population is unemployed which accounts for 4% of the population
  • 10.9% hold no qualification, this is above the national average of 9.7% 
  • 3.5% of South Lanarkshire’s population are in the receipt of benefits, which is above the national average at 3.3%
  • The number of lone parents and carers within South Lanarkshire is slightly higher than the national average.
  • South Lanarkshire is also higher than the national figures for the number of people working part time

Challenge Poverty Week is a nationwide initiative to raise awareness on the current poverty issues.

It strives to highlight the substantial problems Scotland is facing and to change the way in which people view poverty.

By bringing attention to poverty and working together we can try and solve the problem of poverty.  

Challenge Poverty Week gives an opportunity to garner support from the public and encourage action to tackle Scotland’s current poverty problems. 


If you wish to help raise awareness, be sure to check out their website here and add the following hashtags to your social media posts.  

#ChallengePoverty #AyeWeCan

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